Direct Patient Care Opportunities
​​​​​​​Acadia Healthcare
About Direct Patient Care at Acadia Healthcare
As a premier behavioral healthcare company with a network of facilities throughout the United States and abroad, Acadia Healthcare sets the standard for excellence in the provision of mental health and addiction treatment services.​​
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By becoming a Behavioral Health Associate or Technician at a facility within Acadia’s network of exemplary treatment centers, you will be stepping into a career that allows you to not only grow professionally and personally, but also to assist in transforming the lives of others.

With Acadia’s network of facilities in 246 locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, you can explore careers at all levels of care. Varying by location, Acadia’s facilities offer acute inpatient care, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, comprehensive treatment centers, therapeutic day programs, and traditional outpatient clinics.

When you accept the role in direct patient care at one of Acadia’s facilities, you will get to explore innovative ways of providing treatment and enhance your skillset. Acadia values the input of every individual and encourages positive collaboration through the provision of clinically excellent care.

As a member of the direct patient care staff at an Acadia facility, you will have opportunities to:

Partner with world-class professionals
to identify and implement industry-leading practices that result in the delivery of superior behavioral health treatment

Receive Comprehensive Training
and continued opportunities for professional development

Acquire New Skills
gain significant experience, and advance in your career

Embody our company's values
of integrity, hard work, and servant leadership

Know that you are making a lasting difference
in the lives of individuals in need
In direct patient care within the Acadia network, you will never have two days that are the same.
Instead, you will have myriad opportunities to help patients, support families, contribute to a high-performing team, improve your skill set, and ensure that your facility is best prepared to meet the behavioral healthcare needs of the community that it serves.