Military, Veterans, and their Families Continue your Service helping others! Whether you are a transitioning service member, Veteran, Guardsman, or Reservist, Acadia has opportunities for everyone.

Continue Your Service in Behavioral Health

Military members, Veterans, and their families come from diverse backgrounds, have shared experiences, and have a common bond through their service to our nation. With Acadia, you can take your experiences and knowledge and translate them into a career in behavioral healthcare.


By joining the Acadia Healthcare family, you can bring that expertise and knowledge to a wide range of people seeking help in tough times through our diverse range of career opportunities.

Find Your Next Career

Use your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) to help identify what Acadia Healthcare
​​​​​​​jobs may be a good fit ​for your military expertise and skills.
Find Flexibility in Location and Career Fields As a prominent provider in the field of behavioral health, Acadia Healthcare operates facilities and clinics nationwide. This ensures that regardless of your geographical location, there is a high likelihood of an Acadia Healthcare facility nearby, facilitating your seamless transition within our team should relocation ever become necessary. Within our organization, you will encounter a wide array of career options, spanning from leadership roles to culinary experts and clinical positions, allowing you to continuously cultivate and refine your expertise in the field of behavioral health.
Transfer Your Leadership Experience Your military service has trained you to be a leader. As Gunny Highway referenced in "Heartbreak Ridge," you improvise, adapt, and overcome obstacles that many would not. That is a great leadership quality for behavioral health. Bring those leadership skills to Acadia Healthcare as a director or managerial leader in one of our over 250 facilities and clinics across the country.
Transfer Your Healthcare Experience Whether you are FMF, Shipboard Corpsman, or a nurse at an Army or Air Force hospital, your medical training is valuable and applicable in the civilian healthcare world. As a healthcare provider familiar with life in the military, you have the unique ability of relating to those that have worn or currently wear the uniform and the struggles that often impact their quality of life. Acadia has programs throughout the country dedicated to the care and treatment of military members, Veterans, and their families. Let your experience help others to stop the stigma surrounding behavioral health.
Military Spouses Many of our healthcare professionals at Acadia are spouses of active-duty service members. Like duty stations from coast to coast, we have Behavioral Health facilities and Comprehensive Treatment Centers from coast to coast. Many of these facilities are close to military installations and allow for an easy transfer from one facility to another when your active-duty spouse receives PCS orders, transferring your employment to another facility in our nationwide network when applicable.
Acadia Healthcare, in its commitment to our military and Veterans, proudly offers our Military & Family Support (MFS) division. The MFS division is comprised of military/Veteran dedicated programs that are Psych-Armor certified, as well as providing a nationwide team of liaisons and former military professionals that are committed to the treatment of our Veterans, active-duty, and their families by helping them navigate the DoD and VA systems.


If you have any further questions about joining the Acadia Healthcare family, please email us at