Our Purpose, Values, Mission & Vision

Our name – Acadia – is rooted from the dawn that rises over Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. Like the first sunrise in the nation that touches the sky, we shift darkness into something brighter. And promise a new day.
This daybreak was the breakthrough of our refreshed purpose: to Lead Care with Light


When people in need bravely ask for assistance in carrying the weights of their personal worlds, they can turn to Acadia. 

Here, we illuminate paths to health with hope. And we are honored to serve alongside passionate people who imbue promise in the work we do and the lives we touch. The lives of our patients, their families and friends, our broader communities, and one another. 

As a connected community of specialized whole-person care, we uphold our values and dedicate ourselves to helping people survive and thrive. All ages, all cultures, and all seeking mental and behavioral wellness can find refuge and relief at Acadia. We collaborate across the continuum of care and move as one to guide the progress and potential of hope. As we continue to move, Acadia continues to grow—in skills, talent, and national facility access. Because everyone deserves the opportunity to choose and act on hope. 

Lead Care With Light

Lead Care
Our care is both life changing and industry-leading. We forge the path to innovative and integrative care to meet the needs of today and the future. We define what impactful, holistic, behavioral health care truly means.
With Light
Like our brand name, light refers to the unique way we deliver care – with hope, focus, and compassion. Day-in and day-out, our teams show up ready to shed light on the path forward for each other and our patients, families, and communities. 

Our Shared Values

We Set the Standard for Care
We are the leaders in behavioral health. Our high-quality clinical care and breadth across our uniquely diverse and specialized treatment services are crucial.
We Lift and Uplift
Each day, we bring both mental might and passionate compassion to help those in our care to fight and find themselves. We carry them when they cannot yet stand on their own. And pick them up again every time they fall.
We Innovate Quickly to Change Lives
We seize opportunities to creatively problem-solve for the success of each patient, breaking and gaining ground, discovering different pathways to progress.
We Succeed As One
No matter the distance or distinction between the communities in which we lead, we work together to deliver dynamic, complex care for all we serve. We are one Acadia.
Our Mission
Provide compassionate care that improves lives, inspires hope, and elevates communities.